needle [nēd′'l]
[ME nedle < OE nædl, akin to Ger nadel < IE base * (s)nē-, *(s)nēi-, to sew, spin > SNOOD, L nere, Gr nein, to spin]
a) a small, slender piece of steel with a sharp point at one end and a hole for thread at the other, used for sewing by hand or for surgical sutures
b) a similar implement with a hole for thread near the pointed end, used esp. on sewing machines
a) a slender rod of steel, bone, wood, etc. with a hook at one end, used for crocheting
b) a similar rod, usually larger and without a hook, used in knitting
3. STYLUS (n. 3b)
4. a pointed instrument used in etching or engraving
a) the magnetized pointer of a compass
b) the indicator or pointer of a speedometer or other gauge
6. the thin, short, pointed leaf of such trees as the pine, spruce, etc.
a) the sharp, very slender metal tube at the end of a hypodermic syringe, that is introduced into the blood vessel, muscle, etc.
b) Informal a hypodermic injection
c) any of various other slender, tubelike devices for inserting, as to inflate or inject
10. any object roughly resembling a needle or its point in shape, as the sharp point of some crystals, a narrow, pointed rock, an obelisk, spire, etc.
needled, needling
1. to sew, puncture, etc. with a needle
2. Informal
a) to provoke into doing something; goad; prod
b) to tease or heckle
3. Slang to strengthen by adding alcohol [to needle beer]
1. to work with a needle; sew
2. to form needles in crystallization
☆ give someone the needle
Slang to goad or heckle
☆ on the needle
Slang addicted to narcotics

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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